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  1. I need advice from those who know more about these cars than I do as I have to decide whether or not to take my late sister's 2015 XC 2.0D auto. She really loved her car, drove 70K miles up and down motorways and rural Scottish roads for 3 years. It hasn't moved for nearly a year now and a decision has to be made about it. I last drove it for her and it was a joy, she would have loved the idea that it went to me as would her family but...... I don't live in rural Scotland, I live on the SW edge of London. I don't thunder up and down motorways much anymore, I don't go off road, it doesn't cack up with snow here, I really don't need an automatic 4 wheel drive car (I'm more of a 2 door German coupe person) but the Suburu is a mighty beast and more practical than my current car especially as I get older. My head says that this is a sentimental and silly idea, my heart rather likes the idea. Help