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  1. You’re right I was thinking the same. A lift out and strip will be minimal cost. Thanks
  2. So I've decided to pull the engine out to give it a good check over, Am considering just replacing the whole thing In one hit, but unsure what would go back in its place with the minimum of fettling. Any ideas ???
  3. Thanks I'll look them up. Went to pressure test the cooling system today and was a complete fail. I put 5 litres of water in the rad and it ended up straight in the sump, Guessing this is hopefully a gasket failure rather than a cracked head. Will hopefully begin the strip down tomorrow
  4. Thanks I was thinking that would be the most sensible thing to do. Might give Subaru a ring and price a full gasket set up.
  5. I'm guessing it's heads off, sump off if it's do able, turbo out and check for damage? Guessed that's why it hasn't run in 2 years and why there was no battery with it.
  6. Not a great start unfortunately. car didn’t want to leave the transporter as the osf brake was locked up. Once I’d removed the caliper and found the dust boot mullered I could roll it over the pit to drop the oil as it was way over the upper mark. Thats when it got worse. So I went for a pint
  7. Thanks They are pretty rare, how many left are showing 3 registered on the UK roads. Hopefully this will be number 4
  8. Hi all Just about to become an XT Turbo coupe owner for the second time after owning one in the early nineties. Back then parts were scarce and I'm guessing it hasn't got much better 30 yrs on 😎. Wondering if there are any other XT owners on here? Car should be arriving tomorrow hopefully so it will be over the pit and given a full assessment then.