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  1. i know this sounds wierd, put it in a sealed bag of rice for a day or two. it works with phones, if that don't work then get a new key and program key to car. don't you have a spare key?
  2. i toke my car to slow boy racing by brands hatch. they were pretty good for the work i had done. he keeps you informed about the work. i don't think there is many subaru mechanic in london to be fair.
  3. someone has done it. he had a 2.5 bottom end and 2.0 heads. you would need a lower the compression ration, here is the video
  4. the real question is has it been done before? if not then why do videos that pretty much are the same content, be different as it could work out for you. i would say give it a go and see how well it goes,
  5. i can't help you with that. but that would be sick as hell if it, you can do it.
  6. how long did you leave it for being starting it?
  7. have you tried slow boy racing?
  8. to me the ecu is getting confused, you are meant to remap it when fitting a dump valve, some guy did a video of him putting dump valve on and it was running rough.
  9. buying a used car is hit and miss, you gotta have service history, check the mot history to see if the owners looked after it. it could be a nice car but then turn into a money pit. you should be looking at a few at a time to see which you liked more. 2.5 suffer from ringland failure, rust is a killer for some cars. you gotta look from all angles when buying one, has been in a crash if so was it repaired without cost in mind or repaired cheaply, if he said the car had work done on it, does it have proof of it. you can get a low mileage car and it drives rubbish or get a high mileage car and dr
  10. i brought my car at the start of November 2019, i went to try to tax the car at the end of November to start on the 1st December and they was a Chinese man (not being racist), he was coughing like crazy and he did not even cover his mouth while coughing. i believe he had covid back then.
  11. buy a sniff test tool. have the car warmed up and test to see if the head gasket has gone. the seller should be ok with this being done if not then see when they were done if not walk away.
  12. i hate it when you ask a garage how much they charge for a timing belt to be changed, they only chance the belt, why do all that work to not change the timing rollers and idlers, it would make sense to change the whole timing belt with a timing belt kit, but that is extra, i would be pi##ed off if a timing idler failed after they changed the timing belt. they also charge extra for a water pump aswell, it kinda stupid that well known garages charge extra for something that is important to be working. why not include the cost of timing belt kit and water pump into the price.
  13. you know i work in a garge for 6 to 7 years and i done load of head gasket and i never had a bottom end fail on a high end car or a low end car. i seen it so many times when people have forged their cars then the engine fails less than 1,500 miles. i seen something that garages have done to customers car. i seen it all most of the worst work. the main reason why bottom end fail is due to 1) poor maintenance, 2) poor driving, 3) crappy off the shelf remaps. i never had a customer bring their car back with bottom end knocking after doing a head gasket. some subaru garage don't even replace timin
  14. no. i have not picked the car up yet. the garage where it is has been keeping me updated with how it is going. he said before me dropping the car off. he would look into what is wrong with the car as it drives fine but sometime the car might try to over heat. he did say he would check the block to see if that was the problem when i spoke to him before dropping the car. he rang me after doing his check that the block was fine and the bottom end was OK. he said that when i pick the car up he will show me the worn clutch. the car did have a problem with going from 2nd into first. so i will see th
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