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  1. Damaged windshield to 2019 Forester e-boxter. Are you having problems with your windshields? I have a 2019 E-boxter Forester (3800 miles) and screen was hit with a small item causing a crack right across the centre. Now has to be replaced. OK insurance job but have to pay £125 premium. However I am surprised that the screen didn't absorb the impact, which has happened on previous cars, with no damage to the screen. However a darker side to this problem, seems that there have been MANY such recorded incidents with Subaru windscreens in the US, to such an extent that legal action is being taken against Subaru. Indeed often cracks appear in the screen (between the layers) for no apparent reason. Have any other owner been afflicted with their windscreens. Part of the problem may be that the screen has some property that reduces noice in the vehicle, thus causing some change to the structure of the glass. In addition, when the windshield has to be replaced, the EyeSight system has to be re-calibrated at a cost to owner of some £250. Any update/info would be appreciated. Michael Shorter
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