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  1. Thanks ernieb Ive had two earlier model XVs and neither had any lag at fact they were very slippery taking off it could just be an individual car difference I suppose and perhaps it will resolve with use....only 11,000km .....the high revs is off putting as you say but Ive found the car needs to be driven slightly differently to other gear box cars.....if you use progressive acceleration it will wind up nicely without the high is not a fast accelerator and I am careful overtaking. The Hybrid is smoother and more powerful than the normal XV ..I found that test driving. W
  2. Thanks Dr Acula I also had an XV (2014) but it went very well.....I didnt have the problems with it I have with the hybrid....I can understand why the CVT doesn't suit everyone.
  3. I am happy with the performance of the 2020 Subaru XV hybrid except for the stutter and pause on take off and sometimes a hesitation through the "gears". It may only be a slight hesitation but it can be dangerous if I need to accelerate to negotiate a roundabout....(I am not a rev head but one needs to be able to keep up with traffic) I have been told twice its normal and once a tech put a computer on it and went for a drive. The overall performance was slightly better but the stutter remains. This problem spoils an otherwise pleasant car to drive and I am convinced its not normal and I don't
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