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  1. I have been watching all the YouTube videos on changing the pump and it looks straightforward. If the old pump is the original then it has done just over 150k so it has done quite well
  2. Thanks I have ordered a used pump from ebay and watched a couple of videos on YouTube. It looks like an easy fix is there anything I should watch out for when taking out the old pump or fitting the replacement?
  3. I have sorted the squeeling by tightening the belt but I am still getting a bad vibration and juddering through the steering wheel when turning at slow speed. It's like something is sticking on. Only happens when turning. Anyone got an idea what is causing this?
  4. I have a 06 subaru forester 2.5x and when I turn the steering at slow speed or when not moving I get a squeeling from the drive belt and a vibration through the steering wheel. The belt was just changed a year ago
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