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  1. Will tell him to do that, thank you.
  2. Thank you, I've booked it in for next week and asked them to give it a full service and transmission oil and diff oil if needed. Is there anything else I need to ask them to check?
  3. Recently bought an Outback, was looking for Forester but good condition Outback was nearby. It's the 3.0 litre pre 2004. Am I right that past 100,000 miles oil change is every 7,500 miles or yearly if less miles? Any recommendations for pads and discs? Also most importantly I need a bike rack to carry two mountain bikes. It has a tow bar and apparently these are best racks for safely carrying bikes. Halfords says not compatible with my car but another website says all tow bar racks should fit all cars. Any guidance please so I get a compatible bike rack for the tow bar, thank you!
  4. Considering a Subaru Forester as a third car for carrying two mountain bikes and using when weather gets very bad... Possibly a bit of light green laning. Looking at around 2004 edition with two litre non turbo. Is 135,000 miles ok if well looked after and only going to do doing 3,000 miles roughly a year, maybe less? What is the cambelt change interval and are there any issues with the automatic gearbox as I will be buying auto version? Anything else to look out for? Has anyone used these for carrying bikes, is a tow bar carrier best option if the car has a tow bar? Finally, in
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