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  1. Has anyone done a mod to be a redundant backup method for opening bonnet in event of release cable failure? Recently my bonnet release played up on me and fortunately was able to get open by eventually the release pull under the dash worked but got me worried for future. I have attached battery tender cables that are accessible in the event of bonnet release failure I can at least keep battery charged as I don't not use car very often. Maybe something hidden attached to lock mechanism that can be accessed under front splitter? Any ideas?
  2. Many years ago I had oil pipe leak that unfortunately lead to big-end going. Early signs were a ticking type noise under load which over the next few months got worse and evolved into a loud rattle and finally engine seized. Don't intend to alarm you but given your low oil it may be worth investigating to at least rule it out. Quick redneck check you could hold long screwdriver to top of engine block while engine running and press your ear against the handle and you would be able to hear any unusual noise (ticking, rumble etc). Of course there may be some non related noises but if nothing
  3. Yes - will end up taking a look once weather less cold. Read that OEM head unit needed to keep some infotainment features that are built into software as well as possible to utilise the mini display at top of dash for front camera, again, all depends on what is in there already. As a fallback, assuming existing head unit not suitable, anyone got recommendations for aftermarket alternatives as again, read that getting tidy bezel finish is tricky and options here seem very limited. Dealer not overly knowledgeable about the specifics.
  4. Looking to add camera to OEM head unit. Does anyone have recommendation? No idea if current OEM head unit has socket for camera. comes standard on US model but don't know what options are open for UK. My strong preference is to have OEM type install i.e. not having separate dedicated display on dash or having to install new head unit. I've done various google searches but US centric. Any insights are appreciated.
  5. Hello - just joined forum. Live in Northern Ireland and have a 2017 WRX STi. A few earlier models but not seen too many current versions running about over here. Lockdown not helped. Keen to learn from the community as have some plans for modifications over time but no real experience on Subaru. Came from Lotus so some prior experience of getting hands on with maintenance.
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