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    Imprezas, twin turbo Legacy, supersport motorbikes, snowboarding, parachuting and Muay Thai.
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    07 Impreza Hawkeye.

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  1. Good morning ladies and gents. After several years away from the club's my wife decided she wanted another Impreza. Hence joining the sites again. What can I say, best place to find any advice you need and if one comes along then a second Subaru in the drive wouldn't go wrong. Looking forward to having a chat and reading lists and advice Replacing the second splitter after just recently having one sprayed and fitted only to break it in the recent snow may put me back in positive brownie points with the Mrs as well. Drive safe, if not don't get caught 😁
  2. Good morning. Needing a little help. While changing the belt for power steering I've managed to crack the top plastic on the radiator. This is now allowing fluid out. Needless to say I haven't run the car as yet. Does anyone know if any type of Radweld would plug this, if a plastiweld would work or is it a case of a new radiator. This is on my wifes 07 Impreza so no brownie points left 😁.
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