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  1. City 45-49km/h - highway 110-140km/h with Reno Scenic 2000 minivan 😄, but with this subaru i want same km/h. i dont put tuning or something like that. only full service and make me happy in snow, rain- more of the time when have bad weather and deep snow. I calculated my km for a month 1000 - 1100, per a year 12,000- 13,200 km.
  2. Thanks, and what will be better MT or Automatic, i will buy bcs in my small vilige dont clear roads, and all road is full with holes. I drive 1000-1200km in month 80% highway and 20% city.
  3. I think to buy this model car, can you tell me + and - in this car. I dont want torush with tuning or something els. Just want to know problems, engine, what to expect when i buy? 🙂
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