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  1. Is there an enabling / disabling device on the 2015 WRX for the Daytime Running Lamps ? I got a stone in the n/s foglight and stuffed it with clingfilm while the replacement unit was on order. Of course the Daytime Running Lamps (DRL) are in the same unit - and the one-eyed o/s lamp still worked at that stage I think. I replaced the unit and the fog lights are fine - but the DSLs are dead under all ignition and light settings. Their fuse is healthy. Looking on American WRX YouTube videos** I see that there is a connector low down on USA WRXs near the fog/DRL unit (on their
  2. Full marks for taking the experimental data. Less marks because, like all of us, you only have measurements for when things were going wrong and don't know what normal looks like. I will not question Mr B's expert and experienced contribution but add this account of my own, to reassure you or add to your doubts: January 2015 new WRX, with new battery. November 2015 went to Australia for a month [no, not in Suby]. Car turns over fine on return, but then left it a few more days before actually driving. Battery flat. Realised I really should have disabled the remote locking to
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