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  1. It appears that if you place a key-remote from another car in close proximity then that can "corrupt" the signal from the Subaru Outback key. I placed my wife's Skoda's remote on the same ring as my Subaru key which was then disabled. The Skoda key was removed and within a day the Outback's remote revived itself and now works perfectly. Also, the multi-function display has come back to life concurrently so it seems the two items are inter-related. Weird but there you are. Thank you all for all your comments and theories - oh, wait, there were none ...
  2. To confirm this is the multi-function display just under the windscreen which shows fuel consumption, the time, range left etc.. Also, I have replaced the battery in the key fob. Thanks.
  3. I have recently returned to the fold with a 2011 Outback diesel manual with 110,000 miles. The multi-function display went on the blink and has now ceased to function. Is this a known fault? Easy to fix? Fuse? It coincided with the remote key packing up. Any connection between the two? Early days but am looking forward to a long-term relationship with the car. Many thanks. Stephen.
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