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  1. Yes my RAV was in the ancient but reliable group , I’m only sorry the new ones are too big and hybrids , hence looking for another type .Ability to tackle mud and farms is important for work, and I’m looking forward to it arriving next week .Have found local subaru garage as well who will do the work on it when needed ..
  2. Thanks Jay - should be picking up next week 🤞!
  3. Thanks Mr B its a tricky one, the old Rav has to go pretty soon, and I can’t get to the dealers for a few weeks unfortunately, and this one Forester is the best I have seen by far ...I will see if the dealers will let me test drive it when it’s delivered,and if I don’t like it I will send it back, apparently this is possible .. A friend bought from this dealer and liked them plus they have decent reviews so I’m hoping they are ok 👍!I have done a video inspection of the car and it looks clean as a whistle with no stone chips, and the engine sounds good running and on the road
  4. Hi all and thanks for being here, I can see this will be useful ! after 13 years and over 165000 miles it’s time to retire the old RAV4 and replace it with something else...I have put down a deposit on a 2016 Forester Xv Lineartronic Premium with very low mileage and am simultaneously excited and also wanting to be sure it’s the the right car for me. I do about 10000 miles a year, much of which is on narrow roads and rough farm tracks,so need something tough , my only concern is it may be too big ..on the other hand more space is always good as I carry a lot of gear for work ....
  5. Hi folks I’m about to become the proud owner of a 2016 Forester and am looking for a Subaru friendly garage near St Albans (the nearest official garage is a 40 mile round trip so not ideal!) Also, am thinking about getting some ceramic paint protection as it will be leading a fairly agricultural life, so does anyone know of somewhere in Herts that does a good job with this? thanks a lot! Mike
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