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  1. I tried that before (and already broke some too). Nissan switch cap is taller and has different plastic pin on the back side. On WRX switch that I have, the plastic pins at the back of auto switch cap and normal switch cap are also different.
  2. I could not find the part number on the switch itself but it’s also Nissan switch made by Niles. The pin orders and total numbers are the same for both switch.
  3. Thanks a lot for your help. My original switch is exactly the same as your pictures (auto mode at the driver side). The US version switch that I got has the same socket (I could plug in but it won’t operate) with auto mode for both front windows (the switch is from 2017 WRX). I could find wiring diagram for US switch but not for my current RHD 2013 XV(from Thailand). The reason I need to use this LHD switch is that I bought Subaru Levorg window switch panels to use with my XV which require new set of passenger window switches. So I bought full set second hand switches (WRX2017) from ebay
  4. I just got a new main power window switch from US-version 2017 WRX. However, it seems that the wiring is different. Does anyone has XV2013 RHD power window switch diagram? or any suggestion if you ever change to US-version window switch?
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