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  1. New to the Club but not to Subarus. I have had a series of turbo wagons since 1991. The first was a Uk Gen 1 GT. Then a Gen 3 GT VDC; a Gen 3 GTB E-tune followed by a Gen 4 GT Twinscroll - all imports. I took delivery of a 2018 UK Levorg GT 170 at the end of January this year. The Twinscroll was mapped to 318 BHP so the Levorg is a bit pedestrian by comparison but nippy enough for an old codger like me. Moving from the 2003 Twinscroll to a practically new car is a bit of a culture shock as the car is cleverer than I am. Still I am getting to grips with it. The Infotainment system is a bit of a challenge. I have found StarLink a waste of time. Decided the best way to listen to recorded music was with a USB stick. This is the first integrated Sat Nav system I have and it dos not seem be as good as the removable Garmins I have been used to. In particular, try as I might, I cannot find a way for the Sat Nav to show Traffic Camera locations and a GPS based current speed. I thought that these two features were universal in Sat Nav units. Has anyone found a way to unlock these features? I
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