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  1. Thank you for the reply...I believe mine is a standard 2 litre MK1 impreza non turbo.
  2. Yes it seems that way...last few days i been steady 60 and 70 max very rarely and fuel consumption was not bad at all...I guess I just been heavy footed without reqlising as it's such a joy to do drive. Yes I saw the post about the green connectors under the steering wheel and will give that a shot...finally how many O2 sensors does this model have and where are they located ? Kind regards
  3. Aha okay, thank you for the response..was starting to get worried something might be wrong. I do mostly motorway miles 80 daily and thought my 2.7 twin turbo V6 did near 40+mpg what's going on with this 2 litre. I guess will have to keep it below 70 and see how that fairs. Hope you are all doing well and once again thank you. Warm regards slapz
  4. Hi guys from London here...driving a standard MK1 2.0 Impreza wagon...even for a stand it's rapid...but my god it drinks fuel. See you in the forums. Regards Slapz
  5. Hi guys I recently come to notice that the car I'm using (my GFS car) is consuming too much fuel. Is £20 of fuel for 80 miles too much for this type of vehicle? It's a standard 2.0 w reg impreza wagon. I do have an intermittent check engine light which I have not got round to checking yet but will do. Well I did try with by Bluetooth odb but come to realise that this vehicle needs a specific type. It connects but will not read ECU. Apart from freessm I think it's called is there any other cheapo Aio tool that can be used maybe an Amazon job? I remember her mentioning someth
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