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  1. @Jay762 looks like you identified the problem - Thanks! The removable centre part (adapter) of the new Bosch blade unit I fitted looked like this: But on older units, looked like this: So, the fins, and small square block in the centre, ensure the blade clicks into the wiper arm properly. I managed to get a couple of these from a local auto-parts which keeps a box of them. So for any other newbie with this problem - try your local auto-parts - or make sure you keep the adapter part when you ditch an older worn blade unit.
  2. Thanks @Gambit, appreciate the welcome!
  3. Really hope someone can suggest the cause and a solution here, because this issue is doing my head in. Before winter my rear wiper blade was looking tatty, so I replaced all three. Simple maintenance, never had an issue before. Since fitting (all Bosch, bought at Halford), the driver side blade only has come loose 4 times at standard or high speed, once town centre driving and 3 times on the motorway, including very poor weather on a city centre flyover. Examining it, the blade apparently slides back (ie not locking into position), then catches and flings sideways. I've been hyper alert,
  4. Afternoon all - trying to keep my rusty old tank on the road, even if it drinks like a deep-sea fisherman locked in a distillery. I'm no mechanic, but looking forward to learning from your experience.
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