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  1. After a week of driving it and thoroughly checking it over; I am so happy with the purchase. There’s a couple of small dents on the body and a tiny bit of rust bubbling on both the rear arches which I can sort myself. It feels brand new to drive.
  2. I just bought my first Impreza so I can garage my S14 and work on it at weekends. I bought it in Northampton and drove it back to Liverpool today. I already love it. It’s a 2003 WRX bugeye wagon. It’s pretty much standard apart from wheel and brake upgrades. Looking forward to some good advice and knowledge from you all.
  3. Thanks fellas. Today I bought my first Impreza. It’s a 2003 Bugeye Wagon and it’s in great condition.
  4. I’m just about to buy my first Impreza. I’m looking at WRX Bug/Hawk Eye Wagons but most of them have aftermarket suspension. I plan to use this as a daily driver so I can garage my S14. I really don’t want aftermarket coilovers. Seeing as everyone seems to replace them I assume there should be an abundance of people selling original suspension. Can anyone guide me to the best place to find it?
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