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  1. Thanks Justin and Jimboy.Very useful stuff. I had been faffing around with the settings anyway but i think that your suggested settings are not bad at all- certainly better than what i had before. I'll still get in touch with Subaru UK though and see what they say, although i've a feeling that acceptance is going to be the route to happiness in this instance! I'll let you know how I get on. In the meantime thanks very much to both of you for taking the time to respond. cheers
  2. Hi - bought my new shape Forester in June this year (second hand - it was one of the many pre-registered ones from December 2019). It's a brilliant car. Apart from an ocassional squeek from the dashboard around the binacle, my only complaint is the dreadful sound quality from the sound system. I thought that new speakers would bring it into the realm of acceptable but it has made little difference. For obvious reasons, I'm wary about interfering with the head unit, especially given that it also controls a lot of the car settings (locking/lights etc) and not just the audio. I've also got just over 3 years of warranty remaining and i don't want to lose that. Anyone else tried to do anything about this? cheers
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