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  1. Hi all new to the forum thought I'd share my first impreza. Pretty standard example I think just an aftermarket backbox and the speedline wheels and the wing Before and after a good clean. Looking at changing to crystal headlights if I can source some
  2. Fair point. For me now I'd like to sort wr sport mine( I know it wasn't available for this year). And just change exhaust,filter y pipe and remap
  3. Do you think it is wise to map an engine with 127k miles on it? I know it depends on how well its been looked after but I'm not sure on its history there isn't much evidence that came with the car
  4. Does anyone know where I can get crystal headlights for my97 impreza? I've seen scoobyworld sell the sidelights but not the main light Will they have to be an ebay job?
  5. Yeah this is what I've seen everywhere 50% of people recommend someone then the other 50% say they are terrible. I've only ever used Northampton motorsport to map my Beetle and they were really good. Do you know if the car/ecu loses memory if I was to send the ecu to esl to fit?
  6. Where did you get your esl board fitted and mapped? As I suppose I may aswell get that done first
  7. Haha I thought that might be the case that's why I'm trying to pace myself and start slow. I'll check out your build now thanks
  8. Hi I recently bought an my97 turbo 2000 and from what I understand is that these aren't mappable without installing esl? I was looking at changing the exhaust as the current one doesn't look in great condition. And was thinking of fitting an afterburner vortex http://scoobyworld.co.uk/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=24_52&products_id=3363 And afterburner sports cat http://scoobyworld.co.uk/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=24_52&products_id=3627 Can these be fitted without remapping the car or will I need to have the esl board fitted before hand? Thanks
  9. Hello I've recently managed to finally get my hands on my first impreza and it's an my97 turbo 2000. I am wanting to do a complete service and flush of all the fluids and wondered what people suggest using. I've looked through the manual and found most specs but can't seem to find anything about what coolant to use? And where to get it from.
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