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  1. I've taped the boot light in the off position as I've turned it on a couple of times taking stuff out of the boot. I've also purchased a NOCO potable jump starter battery supposedly good for 20 jump starts so if the battery dies I will be able to get it going wherever I am.
  2. I've had this outback since mid December and am happy with the overall performance etc. In march during lockdown and the car hardly being driven the battery went flat. No issue got Subaru assistance to come out and start me up and the offer of a new battery .Great service and put it down to lack of driving . I just took them up on the new battery on the 9th and yesterday the 19th the battery was dead again , Subaru assistance sent the local garage and got me restarted.I then did a bit of digging and found this is a problem in the US. Cars would have dead batteries for no apparent reason and new batteries fitted would die just the same. Is there a known problem with all the electronics draining the battery when turned offf and is there a solution. I can't afford to have a vehicle that doesn't start. I've invested in a car battery booster/starter but am !Removed! off I've had to do this with a new car with less than 4000 miles on it.
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