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  1. Valuable advice, thank you. No I definitely needed to hear it, I want replies like these from people that have more experience than me. Usually they bang on about how I'm going to crash it violently that I'm irresponsible, so thank you for giving me actually decent advice without berating me. Thank you!
  2. This gonna be a lengthy one so buckle up. I'm facing quite a first World problem right now and I feel a dick for asking but and I don't really know what to do. Im turning 21 in March and want to buy myself a turbo wagon. I've checked multiple comparison sites and if the insurance is anywhere near what they're saying, I'll be more than able to pay for it as me as my parents have sat down and done rigorous math to figure out if I can own one so young. It helps as I'm fortunate enough to have no overheads like a house, kids, etc. So all the money I earn from my job is straight in my pocket pretty much bar my Spotify and stuff which is like 60 pounds a month out of my 850. I'm on around £4000 as of last payday and I'll have around £7500 to £8000 by March 2022 for my birthday, so I can buy myself a really top notch version 5 or 6 turbo uk2000 wagon, and have a few grand left over for mods immediately. Here's the issue though. My dad threw a spanner in the works.... He has a 2006 STi spec D, and he's always complaining about fuel cost, and clutch stiffness, and stuff like that even though he paid for full engine forging and remapping to 340bhp. He said that he will do me a mental deal for £6500 just to keep it in the family because he bought it with the money he got when my grandad passed and he doesn't want to see it go out the family just yet as it holds special value to him. I checked a few nights ago and once I turn 21, the insurance with all the stuff declared came back as just £200 more than it was for the UK car, at £3200 annually which doesn't really add up for me.... However if this is true, then a no brainer option would be to take the STi, as again my mum and I sat down and did some calculations and I can afford to run the STi as well so all is well in that regard. I've always wanted the practicality of a wagon, with the cool factor of a fast wagon, not to mention half the road tax being 2.0 as opposed to 2.5 for the STi. I would love to modify a wagon and turn it into my dream show/go car, and a classic wagon just seems so unbelievably cool to me, always has. I would need to 6 speed swap, and basically everything my dad had done I want doing to mine later down the line because I would want more power (about 350 to 400hp) as safely as possible. Obviously, the STi has all that done, but without all the stuff I want (practicality, no rear wiper which is basically a death sentence in the uk, 2.5 so big tax bracket, etc.) BUT I can then say I own an special edition STi at 21, and the basis is there if I want to chase more power once I get more experienced in a car as powerful as that. I just won't be able to modify it as much as I want to preserve it for value, and to me it looks quite bland in my opinion. Champagne grey, basic sti bbs wheels, carbon spoiler and that's about it as far as mods go, beside power mods anyway. Buying the STI makes more financial sense, as I'm getting basically a 15k car for 6.5k, that's ready for me and plenty powerful and safe enough for me to be content with. Not to mention, can be sold in a few years for big money once I want change and then I can have my dream wagon then, with ALL the stuff done to it pretty much as I buy it... But buying the wagon first would allow me to not worry as much about preserving value, and I can modify it the way I see fit, and at the end of the day, it will get more looks and be more appealing visually to me than the STI could be. So essentially do I buy: 2006 STi Spec D Enthusiast owned (my dad) 340bhp, 475lb-ft Fully forged 6 speed DCCD 82k miles For 6.5k 'Bragging rights' as its an STi Special edition, less than 300 in the world But can't modify it how I want OR: 1999-2000 uk2000 Wagon 280bhp (remapped), about 320lb-ft 5 speed Non built engine Between 80k and 100k miles Hugely practical Cheaper tax For a similar price, 6.5k Massive customising potential Pretty much my achievable dream car, and will bring me a different kind of happiness and take the hit having to spend thousands down the line to achieve the same performance and reliability as the STi If you guys were in my position, what would you guys do cause I'm soooo torn at this point...? Thank you all for listening to me ramble on lol
  3. Blender. Took the V6 type R model from Gran Turismo Sport and did a whole lot of work to convert it from a 2 door coupe to a 4 door wagon, but I think I done a decent job at it
  4. Hi all, first post here. asking for some help, as I have been saving up to buy myself a classic wagon and am nearly there, I am currently 3D modelling and rendering a wagon with mods that I want to do when I actually get the car, to make my dream build and to visualise how it will look so that I can buy the correct parts, and model/test new parts and how they will roguhly look in 3d space before spending a penny IRL. (little bit of story here as to why I'm doing all this, so skip this little paragraph if you don't want to read it) Our family currently have a 1998 wagon but due to being sat for years it needs extensive work and it would be less effort and better financially for me to just buy a newer classic wagon, preferably v5 or v6 and swap the nicer and still functioning parts from the one we have currently onto the new one, and sell the old one. I can't for the life of me find the exact wheel and brake mounting points so I can only eyeball it in 3d and I think that I got it as close as possible to the real thing. Below are some images of my dream build that I rendered out and I have to ask, just how obtainable and practical will this wheel fitment be? I don't want no silly camber or crazy amount of low as it will be a daily and I think this is a good mid ground to add a more aggressive looking car, whilst keeping the car usable. The wheels on the render are rota grids, that are 17x8 with an offset of et42. I positioned them Based on how the wheels that are on the wagon we have currently (JDM/EDM 2004 WRX wheels,17x7 et55) and then estimated how much more poke towards the arches there is and this is what I ended up with. Of course the model isn't 100 percent accurate in the wheel well and suspension towers so it might be wildly different in real life and Subaru have wide boxer engines in front and don't really take too well to wider and bigger wheels like an r32 GT-R for example. Is the fitment on these renders feasible in the real world? I just want to make sure that I do enough research so I don't spend £800 on wheels for them not to fit when I come to it in the next few months. Here is my plan: thank you all for the help!
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