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  1. Yeah the kids are the best ones coz when you do rev it they always jump lol
  2. Guess dreams. Do come true haha 😁
  3. Oh nice I love driving mine and seeing the faces of people as you drive past coz they hear you before they see you haha. Yeah I will let you know if I hear of any also. All else fails we just set our own up if we are allowed to?
  4. Hi Tidgy and thankyou poppy wanted one since I was a kid 😁
  5. Hi poppy I'm new here too, hope you enjoy your car as much as I do 😁 I'd be interested in meets if any about I'm on the outskirts of reading
  6. OK thankyou I will use it in sports mode and just change it when needed. Thankyou for your help much appreciated
  7. Hey guys & gals, You have all probably heard this 1000 times so I apologies now. I have finally got myself a subaru impreza wrx sti 16 reg. I have wanted one since I was 12 years old (now being 31). Any advice on what to look or listen out for would be greatly appreciated and if anyone can explain the best set up I.E. Sport/s line/??? And how to set up the subaru starlink or aha so I can get the best experience out of my car. Again I apologise in advance
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