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  1. Cheers JT and thank you for taking the time to reply, we will probably do a lot less than 10,000 miles so I guess servicing would be the same. What would the other factors be? I’d be grateful to hear any other opinions. We just want to get the best petrol car we can afford before EVs take over. For similar priced vehicles: 2018 2.0XT 18,000 or 2020 2.0i XE 11,000 It’s a heart vs head moment!
  2. Hello everyone! We are about to purchase a 2018 Forester but are going around in circles choosing between XT/XE. Could anyone please add any pros and cons, obviously fuel consumption but does it cost any more to service the XT and are they more unreliable being driven on short work journeys. thank you in advance
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