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  1. Hi Jay, Thanks very much for your reply, yes absolutely a Type R would fit the bill too - we're looking for a car at the rarer, more valuable end of the Impreza scale. Thank you, James
  2. Hi all, I'm James, deputy features editor at CAR magazine, hope you don't mind me posting here. I'm putting together a feature assembling great all-wheel-drive performance cars, classic and modern, and we're in search of an Impreza P1 to be a part of the story. We're planning to shoot the feature in mid-November at a venue in Oxfordshire. As part of the story we’d interview the owner, photograph the car statically, individually and with the other cars as a group, and likewise in moving shots, and get behind the wheel too for driving impressions – we would drive it extremely sensibly, of course! And the owner would be very welcome to sit alongside us while we’re driving. We can cover insurance for the day and we're planning all the photography to take place at one venue. If anybody here at the forum would be able to help, or would be happy to put me in touch with any good contacts, that would be fantastic. I can be reached most easily by email at james.taylor@bauermedia.co.uk and I will try and keep an eye out here for replies too. Many thanks and have a nice weekend, James
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