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  1. Would you be able to advice which side number 4 is at cheers
  2. Gonna see if theres a enough light left after i finish work tonight and take a look hope its nothing to expensive its my father in laws and hes basically said if i can fix it i can have it so yeah haha aint got the money to throw loads at it but if its spark plugs or coil pack i will be very greatful haha
  3. Ok cheers so how can i check its defo a coil before forking out a new one ? Cheers
  4. Couldn't tell you i know he hasnt changed them in the last 2 years that was going to be my first port of call then swap coil onto a different cylinder see if the code moves with it. Not familiar with the scooby engine just been watching some videos of people changing them out im i right in thinking there down the side of the engine
  5. Hi my father in law has a 2007 hawk eye wrx its bringing a code up of misfire on cylinder 4. I’ve read a few posts on the internet about misfires on the wrx and that it could be anything but it also idles bad its almost stalling if you blip the throttle when the revs come back down its close to stalling then goes back up a little bit. But then its shaking the car sort of thing whilst idling I was hoping someone would have a idea what it could be from the idling problem cheers