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  1. Hello everyone ,sorry for long delay......... problem with my car was wrong timing,apparently the pulleys were not tight enough after replacement of timing belt. During the bump, the timing belt jumped out. All fixed now, so far working great 👍
  2. Just been told by the garage it's suspected head gasket fault....
  3. Hi guys, is it possible that my ignition coil pack (Impreza WRX 2005) has been damaged during accident? had not so big bump with another car, and it started playing up straight after that, but the repair center says 'it's not related'... Any opinions, experiences? Will be grateful for any help. thanks
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    Hi guys and gals, after a couple of years being a member of this forum I finally bought an impreza wrx 55 reg :)
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    Thanks will let you know when I've got one:)
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    hiya everyone i'm completely new to subaru ,but like this one -subar impreza 2.0 gx sport estate 04 reg anybody know anything about that model? - thanks a lot grawe