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  1. i should be ok to start this weekend, 8pm at the earliest is fine
  2. has this died or are we still going on with it?
  3. If I'm not on when you start ill just join in late
  4. What time are you starting tonight ?
  5. Going to give tonight a miss. I'll start a fresh next week for new season
  6. What class are we going with for rwyb tonight. I'll probably need to build a car for it as I don't have many
  7. ooh in with a chance of finishing mid table
  8. I need to play the game more to get some credits to buy cars for rwyb, only got a couple A class at the minute, Its stupid how the game doesn't let you sell cars too.
  9. You were lucky hat straight was so damn long ;) and that my skyline got confused as to whether it was racing or auditioning for fast and furious in one or 2 corners haha, good racing in the last race though :)
  10. Oh god. Last time I raced full ring with these lot ended in a few disasters shall we say haha
  11. And anyone got any sort of lap times for them ?
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