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  1. not posted in a while :( updated the first page with new pictures :)
  2. Not really a lot you could do with them, may be able to spray the inside parts black but it would only be around the edges, could also possibly fit some sort of led bulbs in a line like drls
  3. Not really tinted the front lights before, I know fly eyes is a legal way but not sure if you would like the look of them, have you got any close up pics of your crystal lights at the minute?
  4. Lol well I do a delivery service but it would mean the owners car not being drivable at the time
  5. Here's some more closer pics. The one on gravel was done first but I wanted to go darker hence the other pic
  6. Haha yes very shiny. I rub them flat and spray a lacquer over the top. I don't use savage tint spray which makes them cloudy
  7. this was gloss but obviously not in the light, camera makes it look a little grey though but it wasnt
  8. the subarus on the first page are in satin, ive only done 1 or 2 in matt or gloss so will have to see if I took any pics
  9. However you want them. I can do matt satin or gloss
  10. oh no, you haven't come across funny, I can totally understand where your coming from, when I tinted the Hyundai lights I made sure they would still pass the mot but still look dark, they actually look darker in the pics to what they do in real life at the end of the day, I wouldn't want anyone getting in trouble because of me :)
  11. Yes and I won't argue with that :) I will tint the rear lights to the specification of the customer so it will be down to them how they would like them tinted :)
  12. They actually where sprayed and passed the mot has the reflector still shown through :) and I was never pulled with them and my mate who bought the car passed through its mot again and hasn't been pulled :)
  13. Just posted a picture of some rear lights on my facebook page
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