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  1. Had it roughly 2 months but don't like the feel of metal gear knobs. Comes with official Skunk2 box. M12x1.25 fitment so make sure it will fit your car before buying please. Locking nut (not original) supplied. I had it fitted to my Impreza. Paid £25 for it brand new. After £12 posted for it. Please PM me if interested.
  2. Thats it mate prices are pretty stupid for Coilovers especially for a road going car. I am in two minds to risk the cheap Coilovers or get some decent springs and hope I like the finished article :/
  3. Are these ones to stay away from? They look good but cant find any reviews etc....for just road driving I don't need crazy expensive stuff as its un-needed. Ebay item no 281426384045 Thanks
  4. Do you mean coilovers mate? there are some Ebay specials on atm around £400 in this country but not sure :\
  5. I've never known such a minefield before when lowering a car! these impreza's are so awkward...this is the info I have gathered: Lowering Springs- Prodrive springs don't drop enough, Eibachs on a wagon end up with the rear sagging and no anti sag kit available in the UK and the other makes that lower 40mm on the front will kill the stock struts very fast. Coilovers- Way to expensive for my budget So annoying lol.
  6. I thought that too mate but with the tests I cant replicate it its only when the clutch pedal is pressed the problem arrises. :S I will have a look at this mate...what does that switch actually do? :) I'm at a loss aswel mate...its like the clutch doesn't dis-engage fast enough when I press the pedal down. Could a worn clutch release bearing cause this?
  7. Hi all, I am looking at some Coilovers and the guy selling them says they are off a GDA Hawkeye/Blob. I was wondering would these go on my Buyeye without any modification? Also I have read up about bolt holes are different on some to others...not sure if that's correct? Thanks
  8. Hi all, This is a recent-ish problem but very intermitent depending on what gear and engine load. Sometime when I am changing up gears I come off the accel as usual and dip the clutch but as I do sometimes the revs spike up a little like 100/200rpm for a second. Makes gear changing akward. I thought at first sticking accel cable but surely not because as a test I numerous random times have been all out accelerating and suddenly lifted off and its never done it....only seems to do it as I dip the clutch :/ any ideas guys? Thanks
  9. They are factory fitted Morettes mate.
  10. Finally got the splitter on! Annoyed as the AD on ebay said it lines up to the holes already drilled in the bumper but the truth is was nowhere near! Got sorted but not without a few hours of my time alot of drilling and measuring etc.....gear knob is on too which is great.
  11. It's not yet mate hoping for decent weather at weekend to get it on :)
  12. Got most of my goodies the other day :), Front Lip in gloss black, Skunk2 Neo gear knob in green muli colour, Status Error sticker & zombie air freshner. Just waiting for some decent weather and a day off to fit the stuff.... More to come.