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  1. I sure will. I'm taking it to the dealer on the 21st. I hope it will do it for them. I drove it today and no sound!! Cheers, Jim
  2. No it is not that kind of sound and it does it when the car is stopped sometimes. It sounds like maybe an air of vacuum leak and the more I think of it , it might be a vacuum leak in the brake booster. I checked the vacuum hose connection and it is solid. what makes me think that is one day after I shut the car off , it whistled and kind of ran down to nothing. I'll have to have the dealer check that booster. it is getting unnerving when it runs all the while I'm driving! thanks for the response
  3. My "99 outback started to have shrill whistle coming from inside the car when pushing on the brake pedal and now it does it a lot just when driving down the road and some times gets louder when cornering. Has any one heard of this and maybe know a cause or where to look for the source??
  4. Thanks for the welcome. Merry Christmas to you all over across the pond!! I'm glad to see you like you Subi's too like we do. I think they are the best winter cars. I watched a video on one that was set up for racing - it cost 630,000 euros and it dit 0-100 in 3.7 seconds. Now that is a Subaru!!!!!!!!!!!!! cheers from the USA...........Jim
  5. I have been looking for a Subaru outback club here and could not find one so I joined this one! I love my '99 Outback limited wagon. this is my 3 rd. subaru. I sold the '88 with 256,000miles on it! Still running strong and got 37 mpg on the highway with a 5 speed. The salt here in Michigan ate the rocker panels every year!!
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