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  1. That would be great if you could, I can't bear to see this car go to waste! As long as I can get it firing on all 4 il be happy. Compression test came back with 150 across all 4 cylinders so I'm hoping it's something or nothing.
  2. I'm in stockport bud, iv got pick up some coilpacks before I do anything as I sold them early on but would definitely appreciate the help if you could. I've not even looked at it for about 3 weeks, I could really do with sorting the little bits out
  3. Tell me about it, it's sat on hge drive feeling sorry for itself at the moment. there's alot of annoyed people on ebay from pulled items lol
  4. I can't bring myself to break it plus parts are not selling so I'm going to post a thread with the issues I have and hopefully solve it. Cheers anyway guys
  5. I took it to autotecnica in Buxton. Really nice guys and helpful. But my subaru has gone pop last week so I'm breaking it. Well and truly had enough now
  6. I've got a stainless up pipe to go with the ported manifold for 25 plus postage also if you wanted it
  7. The guage on the right is air temp with a sensor or can be used for intercooler air temp. Not sure on the offset but il pull them off in the next day or so il have a look then.
  8. Gutted to do it but this Rex has defeated me so all parts are now up for sale from today. Car ran great although yesterday started running on 2 cylinders so engine wise I'm unsure what's wrong so class it as a non runner I suppose. Loads of stuff to get rid of so il try and post as much pics as poss
  9. Right had a bit of a result this weekend, my idling issue is pretty much gone now. Turns out it was the coilpacks as I did the newage coil conversion this weekend and seems to be running A LOT better now, no stuttering or erratic idle. Running lots better BUT still feels a bit stagey on acceleration but that's another issue to solve but all in all its running quite good touch wood!
  10. I know you can do the old mark it and turn it to find ratio which now I know it needs to be 4.1 so I might check that on the diff in the garage
  11. Cel lights finally gone!!! Turns out once my speedo cable was attatched and ecu reset it's not come back! Winner! Although I do still have idle issues but one step at a time hey! Least that b@stard lights out (unless I've I've blown the bulb haha)
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