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  1. http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&id=261893413276&alt=web Is thia the right one for 3 port?
  2. Got the girlfriend up from london this weekend so think il struggle to get anything done ha. Have a look tonight!
  3. Ok iv managed to get a pipe to get it going and moving however im finding that when it gets to 18-19psi it stutters almost as if fuel cut is coming in. How ever its running a gems ecu, it has a hks fuel cut defender on i think its set to stock could this becausing it to cut?
  4. I couldn't see one when i swapped the pipes over?
  5. Cheers for your help mate, I owe you!
  6. I think its a sensor, going to get some vac lines remove the T and put a straight through pipe! It was the rubber pipe from the intercool to dump valve :(
  7. I had a quick go! Was like a completely different car but hose split :( going to try and get one but doubt anywhere local will do one!
  8. Ok the car was boosting around 9-10psi wether i had the standard ecu or the gems ecu in. The top and bottom hoses where the wrong way round, its supposed to be running 285bhp on the gems ecu boost peaked at around 19psi does this sound right?! Unfortunately i only got 2 miles down the road and a hose split?!
  9. So if it was the wrong way it would cut boost early?
  10. What would be the effect if they were the wrong way round?
  11. This is a monster of a mess up and a monster of a clean up before it can become anything like a project for me! Im learning to never buy someone elses project!
  12. Cant say that this is fun. Sick to death of all the stupid things the previous owner has botched! I had one of the HID headlights go out so after check the bulb i took a look at the wiring, the earth cable wasnt connected to anything! !!
  13. 3 i think, its a pipe as its blocked.
  14. Black pipe goes to bottom of boost solenoid, blue goes to manifold and the cable looking thing is cut off and blocked
  15. it is cable tied to the wiring loom, with a bolt in it to stop it leaking :/ doesnt look factory then?
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