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  1. I'm heading up later, got a hotel booked round the corner. Just about to give the car a once over and pack, see you guys and girls on the stand tomorrow
  2. Yippee passes are here!! Whoop whoop now that's a time I don't mind seeing the postman!!!! lol
  3. Top man @Gambit I was planning ahead after a few hiccups from other local events I've been too near me and hadn't received my passes in time.
  4. Will the passes be coming out soon? I'm down and brought a pass for Sunday only. Or do I need to print anything? Thanks
  5. I got invited to be apart of the Super car show in my V1 STI, and it was a great day, in between some lovely cars and the second I opened the bonnet they wanted MORE!!!! wasn't interested in the Maserati toys around me they loved the Scooby instead as in the picture 2!! More pics on Instagram of the day at Scoobydoobydan
  6. I see your in West Sussex, would you like Scoobydoobydan to come over with my manly tools and have a look?? I will do some research and see what I can find, hopefully something simple
  7. Meeting at the Littlehampton Muesum car park at 7pm, local shops open for food and drinks..... carpark holds around 40-50 cars, if you fancy it pop along... local clubs join up too so will see other cars too address is Manor House Church Street, BN17-5EW
  8. I've added my mate on to the list #13, who does he need to pay? Or just buy it through the the site as normal?
  9. 1. Boots 2. Scoobydoodan 3. ScoobyGT 4. Veero 5. Geoffleggy 6. Consti 7. Specbm06 8. Oldschoolsti 9. wreedie25 10. Shaid 11. Fruity 12. Retinalegacy 13. Carl Leslie
  10. Any more spaces?? May be able to get a few more together
  11. I took mine off because of the same reason, looks better with out, just had the issue of cleaning the whole inside too after taking it off!! Lol
  12. That seems more what I need, is that OK to use on powder coated alloys? It won't eat the powder coating off?
  13. Ahhhh cool, is this any good with brake dust too? As the car only gets used in dry weather. thanks
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