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  1. On all my previous makes of car the front suspension lower Wishbone/Suspension control arms have had a Ball joint at the hub end then 2 horizontal bushes at the chassis end to allow the bracket to pivot up/down with the suspension. On my 2008 WRX (first of the hatchback shapes) one of the back bushes is vertical and has a solid stud to hold it. Therefore, when the Wishbone needs to pivot the rubber has to flex. The rubber on both N/S and O/S has started to tear away from the metal. What is the purpose of this "odd" arrangement and how does it achieve it? Cheers. Mick.
  2. Hi. I have a 1999 Impreza Turbo. I want to fit an Engine Preheater of the type that heats and circulates the coolant. It appears that the pump/heater fits in the return pipe/hose of the Interior Heater. How do I find and access this pipe/hose. If anybody has fitted one of these any comments/suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks. Mick.