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  1. 2nd Forester

    My old green Forester is now on autotrader if anyone wants a look
  2. 2nd Forester

    Don't think that's right. Split rear seat looks fixed. Little brackets sitting right on top of the carpeted wheel bulge.
  3. 2nd Forester

    Sorry to ask. But there are some little bracket things on the rear wheel arches in the boot that get in the way of my Subaru dog guard. Any ideas what they are? Are for?
  4. 2nd Forester

    I know. serviced every 2500 miles, one owner. all original. up for £6500 but I got it a lot cheaper as a trade sale. Thats the only reason I am replacing the 2002 car. I love my old green one and will post some picks and an add when clean. Had it two years, spent about £1k on CAT, servicing etc and reckon its worth at least that to anyone?
  5. 2nd Forester

    Morning all. Just bought my second Forester (2005 XTE, 30k miles) Reluctantly selling my 2002 2.0X 105000 miles, great history, recent MOT with no advisories. Any idea on what I should be asking? Really will miss it, so and fan who wants it and will look after it, please pm me. I live just south of Derby.
  6. Quick hello

    Sorry for late update but.... live it so much I have sold my merc c350 as never use it ( this was supposed to be the dog car only). Smell tracked to leaking sunroof wetting the roof lining and going stale. Not worked out how to seal it yet. Maybe just Vaseline on the seal? had to have full exhaust at massive cost as CAT fell apart when trying to change mid section. Got key fob working intermittently but so painful I just use the key. Need to fit a new stereo really and now need a washer pump. Seen on eBay for next to nothing. Are these the right things to buy? also. Not got an owners manual so just ordered one off eBay £12 whats the little key pad down to the right of the steering wheel???
  7. Quick hello

    Hi All. Just bought a very old (52 plate) Forester with 92k for £1200 interior reeks of cannabis, remote locking does not work. Other than that its the perfect doggy car. Will blitz the interior to make it bearable and hopefully a new battery will sort remote. I hope to give as much as possible to the forum with my experiences of ownership.