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  1. Hi looking for some power steering has stopped working. And the warning light has come on in the dash ( steering wheel and exclamation mark in red. ) any ideas the problem. Thanks
  2. Brods


    Here's a photo of the type of fuse
  3. Brods


    On the underside it says SBF 13. It's a 50 amp fuse.
  4. Hi does anybody know what SBF 13 in the engine compartment fuse box controls.
  5. It's when your driving normally. The noise is there not all the time but when you brake the noise disappears accelerate and it reappears. I am trying to find a local garage that does a smoke pressure test.
  6. I am getting a pharting noise from a vacum pipe somewhere in the engine compartment. When you apply the foot brake the noise disappears. Any boy got any ideas which pipe is leaking. Thanks