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  1. Hi, I have bumped this from when I asked months ago - still have the same problem but now much worse. Can't find a replacement flange anywhere! All I need is to replace the rusted flange with the olive joint inside - this could be cut off of another exhaust that has been replaced for other reasons. Can anyone suggest a breaker, exhaust fitter, garage anywhere that might have removed an exhaust from a Legacy (or other model if the same)? It's uneconomic to replace the whole exhaust and apart from it being very noisy, the car is tip-top nothing wrong with it. Please help!!! Cheers, Mark
  2. Hi, I have tried the search function but can't seem to find the answer although it appears it might be a popular subject! Title describes the car - it's the 2.0RE but it has twin exhaust. The section of exhaust that starts after the CAT and then splits to the two exhausts is blowing at that flange which has rusted away. Everywhere I look online lists the 2.0RE has having just a single exhaust, the only twin exhaust system is on the 2.5l Legacy. My question is simple - will the twin section from the 2.5l fit onto my 2.0l twin exhaust system? I can't see why it wouldn't but wanted to check first. Please advise... Many thanks, Mark
  3. Hi, new to the forum and it's a question I'm afraid! I did check the search function bit that didn't help... I've just bought a used 2006 Legacy 2.0 Tourer and all the fuel gauges on the monitor are in KPH. The satnav is in miles though and works fine (I actually think it's the most intuitive satnav I've ever used). Can I change the gauges from metric to imperial? If so then please tell me how! Cheers, Mark