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  1. Hi everyone, My GC8 is up for sale. It's a project at present, details below. Thread on this is here:- Spec as I picked it up:- Resprayed from the original silver to the Rb5 metallic grey New (at the time) radiator Front mount intercooler Alloy sti/spec c lower arms STI v6 6 bolt gearbox and bell housing - the stronger one. STI v6 full red suspension and running gear STI v6 prop and rear diff etc Full STI v6 interior including all dash and wiring Alarm and immobiliser for insurance and theft purposes Fully forged rebuilt sti spec c engine Powe
  2. Hi everyone, My Legacy will up for sale in the next few weeks - so thought I'd get an advert up to see what kind of interest there is out there at the moment. Car is a 2004 ('54 plate) Legacy R 3.0 Spec B, in 35J Regal Blue Pearl, 6-speed manual. Great mechanical condition, has full history and is HPI clear (I did my own, feel free to do yours too). Mileage is currently 93k, will go up with daily use. 2 previous owners. In my ownership (just over 2 years), it's had the following:- New front brake calipers, discs, pads (E
  3. Building up the manifold, new intake pipe, stainless bolts. All other silicone replaced, Mikalor clamps for everything.
  4. Manifold painted, picked up today:- Needs some tidying up, but looks ten times better. Test fit:-
  5. More bits turned up:- Lots of Mikalor clamps to replace the sketchy cheapy ones on all the pipework:- New silicone is also on it's way. Lots of stainless bolts too, so I refurbed the power-steering reservoir, some brackets in the 'bay and the coolant expansion tank:- And a cheeky STI horn button for the Momo :-)
  6. Cheers fella :-) Mid-term plan is to move to 550s and a new fuel pump as I've got the 20g on there. There's every chance the bottom end will let go once I put it all back together and put some boost through it - I'm prepared for that eventuality!
  7. Filter arrived, it's actually green rather than the brown one it replaces. Refurbed the cage too.
  8. So the manifold is off at the powder coaters - Vale Powder Coatings; should get an idea how it's turned out this week. Coolant bottle lid and various brackets will be painted by them shortly too. On order we have:- Throttle body gasket, New HKS filter element (rubbish I know, but might as well make use of what we have), Stainless bolts for everything, Clutch slave cylinder, Intake Manifold phenolic spacers, Intake manifold gaskets, Intake pipe,
  9. Ok so this sounds likely:- to quote:- " On a 1999 or 2000 WRX / 2000 UK Turbo or European GT Turbo there is no IAT (Intake Air Temperature sensor) (stock location: snorkus, just above the right headlight).This sensor is used by the v5/v6 STI only, this is why an STI ecu and a WRX / 2000 UK Turbo or European GT Turbo ECU are not swappable, same applies for the Apexi Power FC. " My car is a WRX with STIv6 engine/drivetrain/interior. So I guess I've got to locate the sensor, and solder in
  10. Thanks Mattie, yeah intake air temp was my first thought. The cable is two wires, blue/yellow and black/red I think. It's a separate plug to the MAF one; but connects to the loom in the same place. Thanks Adam
  11. Thanks, it's a good project - as I've no specific requirement as to when I need it on the road; and it owes me very little money. Currently planning to prep over the winter, and get it roadworthy for the spring :-)
  12. Hi folks, As part of my ongoing GC8 renovation project (here) - I've found this sensor wiring, which I can't identify:- The engine is (I believe, still learning) a V5/V6 STi mostly. The wiring is connected into the loom where the MAF wiring joins. There are no locations for a sensor to go on the intake anywhere that I can see. Plug is melted. Related to this I believe; is that the car has a hot idle problem - the idle will drop over time until the car stalls. runs fine on the throttle. Any help greatly appreciated. I can take more pictures
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