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  1. So I’ve been offered a 2006 spec b for £2k. 110k miles, FSH, new front suspension, bodywork needs a good going over but it’s not too bad. Interior also needs a tidy up but nothing horrendous. Car has been in the family since new and the inlaws want rid now. Apparently just for running grass cuttings to the tip once a month is not fulfilling its potential. Looks like a good deal to me? cheers.
  2. Pics taken today after it’s been cleaned.
  3. Well I think I will be selling it so if anyone is interested let me know. I’ve just cleaned and polished it so I’ll take some pics of it looking tidier. I’m based down in Ramsgate btw. Let’s open proceedings at £2100 for this lovely low mileage (practical if the missus asks) wagon. Frank.
  4. Hi cheers yea the bodywork is a bit tatty but I’m sure there’s enough spares to replace most bits on it. Cool. Cheers.
  5. Looking for a rough estimate of how much my ‘99 turbo 2000 wagon is worth. I’ll give as much detail as I can and some pics and I’ll add some later. So it’s a facelift classic wagon with 81k genuine miles on the clock. Mechanically it’s sound. It’s just flown through it’s mot and has a full service history up to 2016 with receipts totalling around 10-15k which is ridiculous. The previous owner from new to 2016 was my wife’s granddad and he spent whatever the garage that consistently ripped him off said. Since 2016 I’ve only done around 3k miles and had it serviced back end of last year. The only mods it has is a stainless exhaust and sports cat and that’s only because the original literally fell apart in hands and it’s cheaper than a oem one. It also has a Sony CD player but I still have the original and the 6 cd changer is still fitted. It’s a manual 5 spd turbo. Bad bits; Body work is best described as “tatty” there is a small rust spot on the nsr arch. Many scratches and he front bumper is cracked on the n/s corner. The spoilers are a funny purple colour and basically what he should’ve spent on the bodywork was spent on the mechanics. Interior - drivers side bolster is torn. Rear seat has a stain but other wise ok. Rest of the interior isn’t too bad for the age. Note the wheels are now the originals and could do with tidying up. I’ll add more pics as I find them.
  6. So turns out the pin thing linking the actuator to the turbo had basically disintegrated so easy fix. Although boost does appear to come in later now. Around 3k rpm. Is that normal?
  7. Erm. I’ll have to check but I would assume since it’s been working fine up until now? Never had any mods on it apart from exhaust that I fitted a couple of years ago. Could it be blocked or something? Also where is it? Before the t piece near the actuator?
  8. Ok just checked all the hose and everything appears connected with no splits or anything. Took the intercooler off looked all good to me and had the air box off just to look. Everything appears ok. Drove it again to test and no change. I definitely think the turbo isn’t spooling up rather than a boost leak. Could the actuator be knackered? And is the boost solenoid the small rectangle box by the near side suspension top bit?
  9. Ok just put the oem recirc valve on to rule out that and it’s still not working. I’ve got access to a car lift so I can get under it if necessary.
  10. Nope I had it as I high as I dare take the revs and let off it all the gears and a tiny tiny squeak at like 5-6k revs. It drives fine and no noises just no boost. Can’t hear the turbo sucking like it usually does either. Cheers.
  11. So, I went out driving today and after about 3 minutes of definitely having boost (the vta dv was ‘chavving’ at me) I then didn’t have any boost. No warning no funny noises no smoke or engine light. Just no boost/turbo. I had a quick look but it all looks an engine to me. I’ve had a quick look at all the hose they seem ok but without taking them off I suppose it’s hard to see. What are the first things to check. The dv works I think, it’s open on idle and close when the vacuum pipe is off. I’ll stick the oem one back on. Whats next to check? The pipe u see the intercooler has oily residue but looks solid could a leak from there be the issue? any help welcomed. Frank.
  12. So the auto spec b is like 2s slower to 60 than the manual? Is it quicker if you use the paddles to change gear rather than full auto? The tax also looks extortionate on the auto how come? cheers frank
  13. So I'm assuming these handle better with the bilsteins? Is there anything performance wise that is different from a non spec b 3.0l? Cheers frank
  14. Yea I'll have a look next time down. Doubt they could find it if I asked though. They want rid of it so I am maybe interested. Only if it's a spec b though.