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  1. In Bath - not surprised not many around 746 sold in UK - distinctive looks and a 3l spec B 6. I like it!
  2. Quick use of google and turns out that Subaru only managed to sell 746 Tribeca's in the UK. However sales success or otherwise doesn't make a good or bad car. Most of the reviews comment on the looks - yes it is very colour dependent black is best in my view - but there are worse out there and at least you won't confuse it with anything else in the car park. Most I have seen in one day? three and we all looked shocked at each other. Still if i wanted to be a sheep I'd have bought another A*di. Over rated, over priced, appalling reliability and diffident dealers.....
  3. It's a cruiser....... managed 27 on the motorway last weekend...... on commute through the city get about 19 to 21....... sounds bad but the Legacy wasn't much better and had less toys, if I get 20 I can live with it. My son loves it, it great to have something different. Tax is the big killer.... group M
  4. Hi, just came across this via facebook thought I'd say hello... on second Subuaru and not likely to go back to anything else.....first 4th gen Legacy, and now running a Tribeca..... underated in my view.....