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  1. Afternoon. After my disaster of a Forester I am looking to buy either a GTB or Twin Scroll or UK spec 3.0 either Legacy or Outback. Many years ago I had a early twin Turbo GT, it was a great car until it suffered from head gasket failure. Just wanted some thoughts on my options now, looking to spend upto £5000 ( I understand UK cars after 06 are £530 road tax) but Jap imports or older cars are cheaper. I do around 5k to 8k a year mileage. Want a estate. Seem to be a few cars on ebay/autotrader etc but which will be most reliable and best to own? Thanks
  2. Thanks, Is it in the same area on a Auto, as I cannot seem to find it.
  3. Hi - Got the engine light on today and code read as PO502 (Vehicle Speed Sensor) Circuit Low. Any Thoughts Thanks
  4. Hi, yes changed oil/air filter last week
  5. Hi, Yesterday my speedo stopped working. I switched off and restarted and speedo started working again but ever since noticed my idle speed drops to almost/complete stall. If you wait at a junction in gear (Auto) then after a few seconds the revs rise back to 600-700. If you go into N or P then rise back to 600-700 almost straight away I have reverted to left foot braking to keep the revs up to stop revs dropping right away. ( I have plugged into code reader but nothing stored). Any ideas ? I read somewhere if battery disconnected then sometimes this happens but I have not disconnected mine. I wonder if the speedo not working for a moment is linked? Thanks
  6. Hi In the end I got a Longlife back box (under £200 fitted) pleased, though very quiet!
  7. Looking at photos, it looks as though a Impreza wrx/classic box is the same ( only the tail pipe looks shorter) can these be made to fit ?
  8. Hi, I do like the idea of a stainless box, with a nice tone. I also tried to contact Longlife by email and phone but no reply. I will try another powerflow depot Thanks
  9. Hi I live in Weymouth Dorset. I did call Powerflow again (different branch) and they quoted me £190 plus tail pipe (so will be around £230-£260) this is only for the back box
  10. Hi - Did a service today but could not get the oil filter off ( So take to a garage tomorrow ). Noticed the back box is very bad so need to get exhaust soon. I sent 4 emails and tried to call a number of companies advertising on ebay/ performance exhaust suppliers but either no response or a nothing for Foresters, the only company that did come back to me was in the Midlands and they wanted to see the car to make up the exhaust in situ ( 150 miles each way so not really a option) . No reply to my Powerflow email and tried to call but no answer to the phone. Any other thoughts. I did not think it would be so hard to get a exhaust box. Thanks
  11. Brilliant. That makes sense, it does seem to change up earlier in eco and if you put your foot down a bit the light goes out
  12. Thanks, I have sent local Powerflow branch a email for a quote
  13. It looks as though my Forester XT is some sort of non uk model?. The auto gearbox has the normal rocker switch bit instead of Hold/Sport mine has Hold/ECO and when ECO is pressed a light comes on the dash (the light is in the same place as the uk cars would have there sport light). Does anyone know what ECO is. It does not seem to change the shift pattern. Thanks
  14. Thank you. Will look at Turbo S system
  15. Hi, Previously owned a Turbo S, now have just purchased a 2.0 XT. Great car, but I need a new exhaust back box. Checked on ebay etc but the 2.0 XT does not seem to exist on there drop down box only 2.5XT or Turbo S. My car is a 2003. Does anyone know what exhaust will fit. I may go the sports route but again nothing listed. Thanks