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  1. Hi is it possible to get remote start. Its a 2016 wrx sti. Starlink app doesnt give the option, maybe its a regional restricted thing, tried with a free VPN and still no joy. Am i missing something ie do you need to pay subscription to enable it? Thanks
  2. Thanks Damien got the car, has very comprehensive service history too.
  3. Anyone have a 2016 low boot spoiler for sale or swap. Ive the oem sti spoiler and prefer the lower spoiler. Or any recommendation on where to get a sax lower spoiler
  4. Hiya Garibaldi I had the 2009 diesel, crankshaft went. Before hand it wasnt noticable except for about a week before I had a rough running noise when accelerating and when idle. I suspect the shaft was loose or warped at this stage Mine also went when i was accelerating after a roundabout- these manufacturing problems are all over internet. All state that this engine was not fit for purpose. In some cases subaru paid for repairs usually only if youd a full subaru service history. I didnt or couldnt as my nearest dealer is 159km away. There is also talk of an internal memo subaru release
  5. Hi Andrea when you say wrecked engine what do you mean Neil
  6. Hi All Im looking at a 2016 wrx sti that was origionally registered in the Uk. Reg plate BV66LGJ. Its a long shot but wondering if any members owned it and had any history on it. Thanks for reading Neil
  7. Thanks savage bulldogs yeahits drive belt for AC, steering, alternator etc. I think it is the spring thats gone. Trying to get replacement part but its not easily available off the shelf, not locally anyway.
  8. Any help be great, all mechanics closed here in Ireland due to covid lockdown. Please!!!! Ive still to get to work in early hours of morn and dont wanna break down. Thanks
  9. Hi my tensioner seems to be moving far too much and the engine sounds louder than normal. Can you tighten these? Its a 2012 leg Dsl 2.0 i have video but this site wont allow me upload. Thanks
  10. Thanks Mr B, I appreciate the reply. I have ordered the newer short block which is supposed to be better but just no confidence in it either. Crazy really considering their partnership with Toyota on some projects, Toyota who have been making diesels for ages could have helped Subaru in the design phase I'm sure
  11. HI I have a 09 Legacy Diesel that's been diagnosed with cracked crankshaft. I know this is very common with this model. Having no help from the technical manager in Subaru Ireland keeps fobbing me off and also trys to ignore emails. Contacted Subaru Europe in Belgium and they play the same game, reply telling me to contact Subaru Ireland then don't reply to any further emails. Does anyone have any contact email for Fuji Heavy Industries in Japan. Costing me €4k to fix despite so many stories of the crankshaft being inferior. Customer service is very poor from this company I had so much r
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