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  1. Davejm11

    Losing coolant/overheating

    Delayed response sorry but has now been sorted, was a faulty Thermostat!
  2. Hi guys, Recently my car (2003 WRX) was losing a bit of coolant, there would be evidence after a drive of it spraying over the engine bay but not all of the time. I took it in to be looked at and the radiator had a hole in it so that was replaced. Everything was fine for a few weeks but the other day while driving along it started to overheat for the first time. It is losing coolant again, there is evidence all over the under tray at the bottom but I cannot pinpoint where it is coming from. Got a mate who is a mechanic coming to look at it on Saturday and believes it will be either thermostat or water pump but I just wanted to put it on here to see if anyone had any other thoughts... Just hoping it doesn't turn out to be head gasket.
  3. Davejm11

    Anti Roll Bar

    Thanks for the reply - will look at the droplinks too then!
  4. I need to change the rear 'D' bushes on my 2003 WRX so I have looked at getting upgraded ones, but now I am thinking I might as well get a whole new upgraded rear ARB whilst I am at it... My question is which size should I go for and would I need to upgrade anything else at the same time? Thanks in advance.
  5. Davejm11

    Need another remap?

    Perfect, just the answer I was looking for
  6. Hi guys, I currently am running a full decat system with Ninja backbox exhaust and I am looking at swapping out the Ninja for an Afterburner exhaust. The car has already been mapped on the current set up but my question is will I need another remap if I change the backbox?
  7. Davejm11

    Headlights wanted

    I probably could, but the problem is the de-tangoed one is an older one so ideally I would like to get a fresh light put in so they both are matching standard lights.
  8. Davejm11

    Headlights wanted

    I have odd headlights on my 03 WRX, passenger side is de-tangoed and drivers side is the standard style... So I either need a standard passenger side or a de-tangoed drivers side!
  9. Hey guys, I have this strange issue with my 03 WRX... Sometimes when I lock the car using the key fob, the indicators will flash but the drivers side ones will all just stay illuminated. They stay illuminated even if I unlock the car again and start the car, the left indicator stalk will work fine but the right just stays stuck and the only way round it is to keep unlocking and locking the car again and turning the engine on and off. It happened a few times since I bought the car a month ago but seems to be getting more frequent and as you can imagine, is becoming a bit of a pain! Any suggestions on why this is happening and how to solve the issue please? Dave.
  10. Hi guys, I picked up my first Scooby WRX a couple of weeks ago. I had a Nissan 350z before that and I have to say I am enjoying this so much more!! Very happy with it, has a few mods such as lowering springs, straight through exhaust and a remap. I have never had a turbo car before and I think I am now hooked. I look forward to seeing a few of you at some meets!