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  1. Hi, where are you base pal? Or where would these picked up from?
  2. Looking to carry out a few upgrades, more photos to follow.
  3. Thanks for the advice Mr B. I’ve started using millers and going to changed the glow plugs. Only thing is and I’m quite embarrassed to admit, we can’t seem to see them on the engine itself, don’t suppose anyone has a diagram? Secondly, I’ve looked and better looked through the service book and can’t see a mention of a timing belt renewal for my 2012 2.0D. Has it got a belt or a chain? Thanks all.
  4. That is for the reply, I wasn’t interested in the petrol as I have a mate and a friend of a friend who’ve had no end of troubles with their legacy’s 2.5 petrols (average spend for one is £800 per year for the last 3 years of a 2010 model). The choice was either a Hyundai ix35/Kia Sportage crdi or the Subaru. The Hyundai/Kia has a hell of a lot more bad reviews/horror stories so decided to go for the Subaru as it’s just a nicer car. I’ve had my fair share of troubles with this Skoda and a previous Volvo 2.0D so hopefully the Subaru will be better and I’m holding the old theory of people who have good experiences with their cars rarely leave a review or write or forums, only people who feel aggrieved by the reliability make the effort to search and write tales of woe. That’s my hopes anyway, I hope you won’t be bothering you guys to much with problems.
  5. Hi all, i had an 04 Subaru Forester 2.0 petrol a couple of years ago and loved it, change in circumstances meant I couldn’t afford the 26mpg on my 50mile commute anymore so I swapped it in for a Skoda Octavia 4x4. Worst decision of my life as it’s been nothing but issues. I’m glad to say that’s all over now as I’ve just put money down on a 2012 outback diesel with low mileage, FSH and 12 month warranty. Just wondering if if there’s anything to look out for, or anything preventative to be done. cheers. mike.
  6. I have no idea, plus it was up a very steep winding road with cars parked all over the place so I don't know if they could actually get a recovery trick up there. I offered a tow and for him to use my phone to cancel them but he declined. Pity, I was going to get my mate to photo it, it would have made a good picture watching a forester rescue another forester. I felt sorry for the chap, a few folk made comments and he looked rather sorry for himself standing there as we left. Hope he got out ok.
  7. Has stants has said. It can only be one of two things if it's not even firing. Must be either a power/spark problem or fuel. I'd try the jump start first then. Always start cheap and work up.
  8. Came across a 55 plate forester stuck in the verge up the fells. Gentleman had a Subaru hat on. I offered to tow him out but RAC were already en route and he didn't have any phone signal to cancel them. I'm sure I've seen the car before on here. If he is, did the RAC get you out ok in the end?
  9. Likewise, I work shifts as well, can't believe how mild this winter has been, only defrosted the car a hand full of times so far. This time last year I was up to my ankles in snow in the fells.
  10. Cheers mate, it's in need of a good polish but still chuffed with it. I was hoping for more snow this winter but I don't think we'll get any.
  11. Got bored the other week so fitted some led number plate lights and some amber sidelights to try and give in an imported look.
  12. Apologies, I forgot to reply to this, I just got the cheapest ones off eBay as I didn't know if I'd like the look.