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  1. Will this not fit? SUBARU IMPREZA WRX/STI 2.0/2.5i (00-07) K&N 57i AIR INTAKE INDUCTION KIT 57-0626
  2. Did you check pipe work? Surely there's a way to fit a induction filter just has to have fitting for air sensor
  3. Ok will run some redex through it cheers do you know of a aftermarket filter for the 1.5 other than replacement panel?
  4. This
  5. Think this would do ? just have to find a better filter for the pipe
  6. It's not a panel filter I want it's the cone type I want induction type
  7. When I say one off the 2.0 I mean a aftermarket filter for the 2.0 fit mine ? Like a pipercross, k&n
  8. No pics of engine yet but this is one off net any ideas if 2.0 filter will fit?
  9. Ok will get some pics up that's a shame if I won't have the burble but least it will sound bit better the air filter has a sensor close to the box so this might be a problem for me fitting a cone type filter ? Unless it's same as 2 litre ?
  10. I have to abuse it a bit as it's slow🐌 Is there a induction type filter that would fit the 1.5 ? So I can here that boxer engine better? Cant seem to find any other than panel replacement
  11. Cheers James tyre pressures are correct and service history says it's been done recently might have to try a service
  12. Ok thanks for the info thats on trip a and it was on 26.4 mpg that's the max it's been @ ive reset it now so I'll see what happens and what it's at when I've covered some n put it up here
  13. No that's trip a what's the difference between trip a and b? Interior is ok no noises but the interior handles where window switches are there a bit poor scratch easy
  14. Yes full Subaru service history done 60000 just had belt n water pump surely it should do more than 25mpg i put shell v power in when I filled it I only use shell fuel usually I've just reset the mpg so will see what it does from now yes it's small engine but it's the new shape Subaru yeah still heavy 1800 kg ish I think