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  1. How’s your Titan Race pros S going since you put it in? Is it performing well?
  2. Air filter, engine flush, Oil, Oil filter, spark plugs and fuel filter done today
  3. I am starting a new job with Fuchs at the beginning of June, I’ll raise your concerns with the lab - see what improvements can be made
  4. Sounds like your better off just keeping the insurance low and not claiming. Would it cost much to get the work done yourself through a body shop?
  5. Did you pay the extra £40 for the agreed value and send off a photo of every angle of the car when you insured it? Im with Flux and that’s what I’ve done the both years I’ve been with em, it’s a pain in the butt, but I hope it’s worth it if I need it one day the agreed value normally takes a week to come through after you insure the car
  6. Well the old girl passed with no advisories... there was a lot of noise and revs in that there workshop 😂😂
  7. Scoob goes in for MOT later today... fingers crossed
  8. First time out since October and front calipers seized ... managed to get home but had to pour !Removed! loads of water on them to cool down.... new calipers are on the cards some time soon
  9. Just checked my dB as I keep thinking about doing a track day.... loud pipes save lives 😂😂
  10. Just a quick polish today ....
  11. Perhaps @Scoobyghost should organise such an event 😉
  12. Thanks mate, but he doesn’t know either 😔
  13. Hi all does anyone know if there’s a London to Brighton 2018 organised yet??