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What have you done to your Subaru today ?


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Ohhh I like your thinking :D





Anything you want to see in particular of just abit of launch and anti lag?


Also remember i have a straight through no silencer system so it's like the gods having a war when it goes off lol

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Anything that involves, sideways action, launch, pops, bangs. and thats just my !Removed! list :)

But anything close to thats fine ;)

I like you thinking and style lol I will see what i can cook up my shop is in LS2 right in the city centre but the police don't mind me I supply them enough (Best account i have) :D

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Not as much as I thought didn't really try too hard as the carpenters were in next door and didn't want any complaints lol. Can't believe my mate sold his hks mushroom filter as well said no one was interested when he sold it now everyone is. I was like dude ffs I only just got the car! His fault I blame him

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