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  1. Hi mate why dont you have a look at the ninja backboxs i think they are quite loud. On sportscat why dont you want it in the downpipe? Think prodrive do a secondary sports cat but wouldnt be cheap no doubt unless you find one at a breakers used
  2. Yeah mate as stuart said wrx is a great car bit if you want 360+hp your better with an sti to start with 360+ on wrx gearbox is dancing with the devil.
  3. I think im gonna go up on race day next year looked awsome on the telly but lol We snap of the levorg from Saturday
  4. Thanks mate good to meet you it was great wee man loved it just a shame im missing race day lol

    Rosscosms Wrx

    Just ma motor and what im doing with it
  6. Looks minted mate hopefully see it up at knockhill next weekend
  7. That is lucky mate. Ohh yeah that is right up my street mate do they talk you through how your driving n that?
  8. Aye mate im up for a getting a chin wag. Yeah mate I tried one of my old band members type r and it was alright but the understeer was ridiculous in my opinion. Aw what ive asked for that single seater track day for my birthday this year lol
  9. Hey mate there's worse daily drivers than that mate. You will most likely find me around the kart track lol, cant wait it will be my first time seeing the touring cars.
  10. Awright guys whos all goin to the touring cars at knockhill in a fourtnight. I can only go on the Saturday since no one can watch ma wee lass on sunday 😕. Would be cool to see some of your cars there.
  11. Love evos aswell but scoobies always had more apeal for me maybe that says something about my personality but I dont care lol... Tidgy love it 😂
  12. Great picture mate your car looks amazing infront of that evo where it belongs 😉😂😂
  13. I paid 400 supply and fit from the guy I used. That included waterpump but it was a dayco kit not gates think they are basically the same bit.
  14. Awsome mate thanks for the help, first thing ill do is clean off like you say and then check all connections, if its seals/ bad pump ill ask a mechanic. Yeah mate shhat it when I seen the price new lol