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  1. It was when the wrx went to 2.5 engine that the pre cat in uppipe was was removed. My bugeyes upipe never destroyed itself and it was driven like it had rabies your call with what to do. The sti versions were catless uppipes
  2. Prodrive kit for newage wrx changes the secondary cat for a sports cat think you then get a cat back ecu tinkered and a silicone Y pipe under the intercooler. The secondary cat is directly after the down pipe. Did you get a certificate as proof? The upipe is probably worth doing if your keeping long term cause it will be much cheaper than the damage it would cause if it gives up saying that I had 2 wrx’s with it in place go over 100k miles without breaking suppose depends on how you drive it and how the car runs.
  3. Thats shocking eh savage bet they would have broke it for parts on the side aswell, yeah letting the year go is an option aswell, gonna put it a side til xmas is done with since ive already paid this month anyway then ill get right in about it. Great advice appreciate the input you lot 👍
  4. My power graph is pretty flat at the moment 🤣
  5. Yeah great point with buying a shanter might just do that. I see that point jay about the fraud it makes some sense the bit thats annoying is me insuring it is classed as fraud but they can make up a reg and still charge me and somehow thats not fraud 🤔😂 no matter just another bump in the road ill get past it no sweating 💪
  6. So ive sold my subaru now and thought id like to keep my no claims bonus so wanted to transfer my insurance onto a family members car til I get something. Well since the car is already insured adrian flux wont insure me which is annoying. Then it gets worse I have to pay the full price of my subarus insurance to keep ncb but they took the driving other cars away. So yes its as it sounds Im paying them essential for sod all. Just printing money for them such a scam honestly feel like finding adrian and smashing his teeth out if only it was a person 🤣😂
  7. Ive just decided to sell it ill really miss it but right now I just dont have the time or money to look into repairing. Start saving for a new adventure possible in a sti 😉
  8. Alright im in scotland aswell where are ye? Tbh a cold air intake by its self is abit pointless best to just put better panel filter in unless your doing more mods/ remap
  9. Have a look at your maf sensor might be dirty
  10. Look into that seal aswell think its rear main seal or something worth getting that out the way at same time
  11. I dont think it needs to come out but ive heard its easier with the engine out. Im not certain to be honest guess it depends who does the work. Why dont you contact a few subaru specialists and ask for quotes remember too alot of guys dont like fitting parts that you supply, im just trying to give you a ball park figure 👍 My car had clutch done not long before I bought it, its one of the few problems I dont have with mine 🤣😂
  12. Also seen this on jdm solutions might be away now but says brand new and comes with flywheel. Stage 2 though bit if you plan to mod might be an option
  13. Hey man ive had a search for you if you go to the website in the pic you will see they say you either need your flywheel skimmed or replaced at the same time. You would need to obviously factor in labour aswell possibly talking about £800+. Bear in mind there are other options out there this pic is just an example could try import car parts or other scooby parts specialists too
  14. Aw god yeah thats not a great look 😂 maybe they changed the wheel in 05 mines is 04 and it has the momo wheel
  15. Shouldnt your wrx have a momo steering wheel ?
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