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  1. If everything is getting hot and shaking then your calliper might be seizing up you checked it for damage to the piston boots ect?
  2. I had a maf sensor code not long ago it was because my airbox wasnt on right due to a crack. Check your vacuum lines For cracks Import car parts might have a replacement maf but not sure if for your model worth a look but
  3. Try keith michaels think they insure imported cars
  4. The 2.0 is in the blob sti aswell (EJ207) so up to 05 you will be on the 2.0 was the american blob that had the 2.5 (EJ257) im sure * might have they engine codes wrong ive got a wrx lol. The most important thing is a good service history with regular oil changes using good oil and of course timing belt cause regardless of miles a car that age should have had it changed at least once. Check for rust and what not. The bugeye stis are said to have forged pistons from the factory i dont know that for a fact bit if I had they money for an sti thats what id go for just cause i prefer the look of it. Theres a lot of small things to check but a quick google or youtbe search will give you all that info 👍
  5. Stand further away 😂🤣😂
  6. Hi its a bit of a distance but camy at csk autoworx in bellshill is a great mechanic and has done hundreds of scoobys you can find him on facebook. Just remember rust repairs and welding is expensive
  7. You”ll need to start bringing your car cover so you can get on with your work 😂🤣😂
  8. Thanks savage your a great help man ✊
  9. Think its 12mm 10mm socket to get intercooler off then its either a 17 or 19mm spanner i used to get pcv off hope that helps
  10. The hardest part will be getting the old hoses off mate you will be fine, Just a few sockets and a spanner man. If ye get stuck ye can pm me and ill facetime u or something but you will be fine
  11. Really struggling to find A silicone turbo inlet hose any one heard of the viper hoses? If i cant get a good used one might try one but there £160