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  1. Oh yeah mate looks the business 👍
  2. Could it possibly be PCV valve? Or the vibration might be a crank pulley going bad
  3. Sorry make that the second thing first thing is get a picture posted lol
  4. Hi mate and welcome first thing you should do is toss the dump valve in the bin and get the standard recirc one back on there your car will thank you
  5. I get tadgers trying to race me all the time even when you can clearly see Ive got two kids on board lol. Then theres kids shouting rev it all the time.. NAW 😂
  6. A mechanic once told me you shouldn't need to bleed your brakes 🤔 I use a different guy now
  7. The cosworth panel filter is a good option aswell there fairly cheap considering
  8. Nice one mate may be slow but its still awd enjoy. I wouldnt bother with an induction kit tbh. A decent panel filter will be better
  9. Agree with tidgy waste of dosh mate
  10. I got a denso 02 sensor on my last wrx and it wasnt that expensive think it was from opie oils
  11. Its no bad mate really need to get rid of as much rust as possible before applying. There are other products that are apparently better like bilt hamber ect
  12. Awsome mate hope that solves it for you
  13. A licenced map is like £500 i just got open source map done for £240 ive had no issues with it since
  14. Hi mate even though you cleaned and treated the underside if the sils are bad enough the may still be able to tell if it feels soft or brittle. There is a facebook page called automotive repair panels who are selling impreza repair panels they might be able to make or supply one for your car