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  1. Alright im in scotland aswell where are ye? Tbh a cold air intake by its self is abit pointless best to just put better panel filter in unless your doing more mods/ remap
  2. Have a look at your maf sensor might be dirty
  3. Look into that seal aswell think its rear main seal or something worth getting that out the way at same time
  4. I dont think it needs to come out but ive heard its easier with the engine out. Im not certain to be honest guess it depends who does the work. Why dont you contact a few subaru specialists and ask for quotes remember too alot of guys dont like fitting parts that you supply, im just trying to give you a ball park figure 👍 My car had clutch done not long before I bought it, its one of the few problems I dont have with mine 🤣😂
  5. Also seen this on jdm solutions might be away now but says brand new and comes with flywheel. Stage 2 though bit if you plan to mod might be an option
  6. Hey man ive had a search for you if you go to the website in the pic you will see they say you either need your flywheel skimmed or replaced at the same time. You would need to obviously factor in labour aswell possibly talking about £800+. Bear in mind there are other options out there this pic is just an example could try import car parts or other scooby parts specialists too
  7. Aw god yeah thats not a great look 😂 maybe they changed the wheel in 05 mines is 04 and it has the momo wheel
  8. Shouldnt your wrx have a momo steering wheel ?
  9. Yeah I think as savage said it was alot to do with it being ice cold when tested
  10. Saddest part is we only hear one side eh, thats good im just a bit frustrated with the situation thanks to my job hard to watch the vulnerable elderly being Isolated from their loved ones because of politics, my manager doesnt even know what pcr stands for 🤦 anyway subarus 🤣
  11. Yeah it failed emissions it was fast idle co levels first run was 0.70 2nd was 0.29. Could it be the uppipe giving up that has caused that? The sports cat is only a couple years old It might have been the tool you are talking about that he used I wasnt there im just sure he said screwdriver. Im not overly bothered about that but cause it would still be rotting even if he didnt poke it at least I know now.
  12. Im not saying that but if you did get one your immune system will be trying to fight of the foreign bodys injected. The test Cant specifically test for sars cov 2 ( the un isolated virus) it depends on the primer they use to multiply the sample what result they get/ want again thats according to the inventor kary mullis the accuracy is ski wiff aswell. I dont want to offend anybody so thats me with this thread. Hope you feel better soon Man
  13. Did any of you get the flu jag by chance I know a few people who ended up with collapsed lungs after taking one
  14. Sub £500 would be great man i could sort that no bother think ill start by getting the brake pipes sorted then can take it to get prices for the rot repairs. Its my birthday at the weekend so might get some money to throw at it 😆
  15. Yeah man I need to get it to a specialist/ or get a serious look under to properly Understand where I stand. Will at least start the process and if it gets to much can sell it as a project or parts car 👍
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