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  1. I certainly wouldn't try it myself lol im no mechanic but
  2. Think 50,000 miles is the interval mate.
  3. Im sure it isnt a majour leak but im getting it looked at anyway before it gets worse
  4. Its possible mate depends where its corroded my last wrx suffered the same issue and i was tokd the same. Itd was pis sin fuel into the cabbin but my mechanic managed to fix it with the bac seat out.
  5. Aw tell me about it mate lol aye all is well got a pesky oil leak though soon as i get the chance it’s getting took to the mechanic 😯
  6. I got mine done at dynatune in eastkilbride mate. Yeah definitely so much better mate feels so much better to drive and you really notice the difference.
  7. Aw nice mate thats what ive got to mine mate exhaust and remap basically makes some difference to these cars. Sounds great i was stuck in way the kids the day brutal day lol.
  8. Hi guys ive been noticing some oil pooling up on my oil filter recently so I changed the oil cooler oring torqued it down to spec and all looked good, bone dry so thought i was on to a winner. After a few runs ive noticed its started again any advice on where to look or am I best taking it straight to the mechanic. cheers guys ross
  9. Nice one mate youve been as busy as a blowfly at a barbecue, im down at ardrossan to pick my mate up sometimes will keep an eye out for you. Not sure on the shows mate or cruises tbh I don’t really go to them. Next thing car wise on my calendar will be knockhill for the btcc. Whats your plans with the motor?
  10. Too right is the miltek sports cat no like 800 quid new._. Ooo im glad mine already had one fitted not miltek though.
  11. Nice one mate good luck on the 1/4 mile
  12. you should be well into the mid 12s surely. Says me the drag racing expert... not lol
  13. Awesome mate busy day then lol, thats good mate you had it on the strip before? what time you hoping for?
  14. Nice one mate, I really like that colour, what prep you doing for crail?