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  1. Thanks my boy loves cars he will enjoy this 👍

    Rosscosms Wrx

    Just ma motor and what im doing with it
  3. Has the timing belt been done recently I had same symptoms on my old wrx and it was due to a mechanic not doing my timing belt change right. Had another guy redo the timing and all was fine.
  4. Its a cheap alternative mate then if you go down bigger power route in future you can go cone filter.
  5. Ask most subaru fanatics and they will tell you its pointless unless your going for “big” power amd it really needs mapped in. A good solution is to just throw in a better panel filter that firs the original air box like cosworth/ k&n ect
  6. Nice one looks cool, its probably the pfr7b spark plugs hes talking about they are one step colder than standard 👍 enjoy your scooby
  7. Would halfords or that not have them I would have thought they would be quiet generic, if not could you not try spade connectors? Failing all that im sure an auto sparkie would be able to find them.
  8. Yeah used mb developments before with no issues
  9. Csk autoworx in bellshill mate
  10. Is the car moddified at all? And did you put super unleaded in? 3k is fairly high not sure how the classic differs but im sure my 04 idles at 1500 ish then slowly creeps down as it heats up. Could be a few things possible someone else has had similar issues
  11. You tried asking a subaru dealer?
  12. Finished my service that I started on saturday, the lines on my fuel filter just wouldnt budge took ages man 😡
  13. Haha shift juice 🤣