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  1. Try looking up csk autoworx On face book hes in lanarkshire guy called cammy he should be able to fix it.
  2. Sorry im in scotland so I cant suggest any decent garages down south im sure a member closer to you can help with that, id probably guess your looking at around £800 - £1k for repair thats what id expect up here anyway Good luck 👍
  3. Aw man lucyfi think im in the same boat as you 😩 you tried the oil cooler o ring yet? Or is it clearly Seeping from the head? Im not sure what model you have but ive heard for my 04 Wrx a headgasket kit from icp is about £200ish. But its the labour that will sting cause its engine out job. A full rebuild kit is £500 so ill probably go that route but its gonna suck paying a manchanic to do the work
  4. What 02 sensor did you swap it with? I had a quick scan on other forums and theres a few people saying they had same problem until they put a genuine sensor in. Have you checked the exhaust manifold for any leaks?
  5. Pretty sure it will be all wheel drive easy to check just look under the back of it rear differential quiet easy to spot
  6. Keep it well serviced and check Fluids and oil regularly and enjoy it most of all 👍
  7. Yeah its no problem man im just paranoid its my HG one should never google 😂 if it is im screwed cause it will be worth picket change and ill need to walk everywhere lol
  8. I know this is easy for me to say as I'm not involved emotionally but If it was me going by your description of your car needs I would sell it on.
  9. Its cool actually looked at my owners manual for a change 😂
  10. Do you know how much coolant id need for a refill and whats the best to use? I went on opie oils to have a look and it says motul stuff but when I looked at the info pretty much every manufacturer except subaru was listed lol
  11. Sounds brilliant no wonder there wearing earplugs lol
  12. Thought it would be good for those who don't have this game to share this video some interesting history on subaru here
  13. Sorry man im not sure how to change them my key is completely different Just a small screw on mine and not keyless. You tried a youtube search see if any one has done a video on it.
  14. Dont think 8 months is right unless you lock your car about 30 times a day lol. Maybe just cheap batteries where did ypu get them