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  1. Thats a really cool car mate. What do you mean by sportshift version?
  2. Ill be going to the btcc at knockhill aswell mate 👍
  3. I think 5w30 is the right stuff for your car so im sure not that would cause that. Might be burning a bit of oil just check the level often. Check your spark plugs and if your really concerned get a mechanic to check it over. Best of luck bud
  4. Welcome mate nice scooby 👍, you can go sports cat downpipe and pass mot or just cat back if your on a budget. Id pick a mapper and consult with them first to see what they recommend for what your trying to achieve . You have ra motorsport who are nearish to you i think i used a guy in east Kilbride for mapping Dynatune. As stuart said import car parts for oem stuff god speed brakes are ment to be good and are decent value, a breaker might be your best option for wheels n that mb developments are good. hope you enjoy the motor mate.
  5. Hi mate its fairly pointless unless you are heavily modding it a uprated panel filter is best bet. If you really have to fit it get a remap done
  6. Nice one stuartie bet thats a relief mate
  7. Nice one mate good on ye
  8. Welcome mate, looks nice and tidy aswell mate
  9. Haha i seen it when i walked past on my lunch just there. Aye a run down to Ardrossan harbour is a good one. Cheers mate its a work in progress 👍
  10. Aye mate think it was on paisley road 😁
  11. That is nice mate good choice 👌
  12. Hi mate not sure if the 2.5 engine is more difficult but you should be able to get to your plugs by removing the airbox on drivers side and the washer bottle on the passenger side and its fairly easy done. I don't personally grease the threads i just be careful not to over tighten them. Hope that helps its just how i do it on my 04 wrx.
  13. I think I passed you the day mate lol