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  1. You could maybe buy a shell and transfer everything over but probably not worth it, be best to just let insurance deal with it i think
  2. As all stuartie says mate. Cheack generally for leaks and all the usual. Most importantly is the map though if the cant prove its mapped I wouldnt bother. Cause it an sti aswell check rear diff and i think the dccd has its on casing in same area check thats not leaking. For all the general subaru stuff check daryls recent post. Everythings covered there I think
  3. Looks like siluro found a solution for you but does say it dosent need a map there. Maybe cause its after the downpipe and the sensor is still in place. Your call daryl
  4. My second cat is removed but mines is mapped and is mot friendly. Can you get a picture of your exhaust I know its not easy mate, maybe previous owner took your cat out?
  5. That sucks mate I dont think you will need it mapped like it wont run bad or anything but not sure if you will get the cat code coming up. If its not too bad its worth asking a exhaust shop or welder to weld it up
  6. Hi mate that information will be on your cars vin plate. Should be under the bonnet
  7. Yeah mate they are a pain i had to take my light off to get at them properly not too hard just a bit annoying just to replace a bulb lol was well easier on the bugeye
  8. As far as I've heard the jdm models run on 100ron in japan not sure if if needs altered for uk fuel hooefully someone else will be along ti help you out mate. Stunning car btw
  9. Headlight side light and indicator are all separate bulbs mate
  10. Theres a silver one on auto trader mate best part of 30k but lol
  11. I wouldnt pay dealership rates anyway rip offs
  12. Haha really thats hilarious cant believe the dealer didn't even know

    Snowy BRZ

    !Removed! climate change for ye 🤣
  14. I know this sounds daft but have you tried pressing the button on tour key when the ignition is on? I sh at myself when i first got mine cause I didnt know if you dont turn on the engine within 10 seconds of unlocking I had to press the lock button on the key.
  15. Cant see why they would be any different. Maybe email subaru to be sure