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  1. Anyone got one they're wanting to sell? I'm not really bothered by make so long as it fits nicely and passes MOTs with no issues.
  2. Anyone have any from some scrapped cars? It's the outer two pins that slide into the underside of the scoop so you can bolt it down tight. Mine moves around a little when driving and it's annoying, even though the middle ones are holding it fine.
  3. It's a 2003 Type UK. I'm based in Leeds, so open to suggestions. 🙂 I guess 30fp torque across the rev range would give quite a bit of a kick, that's not bad along with better fuel economy.
  4. Hi all, Likely a question that is asked often, but I'm wanting a little more power out of my STi. It's currently standard other than a Ninja 2 backbox and upgraded K&N panel filter. It just feels a little flat. It's currently justshy of 15,000 miles. I'm ideally not wanting to remove the cats so that I can pass an MOT without hassle, and it's at just a nice sound level as it is. I do have a 'friendly' garage on hand, but can't be bothered with the hassle each year as it currently flies through emissions. That is, unless it REALLY isn't worth mapping without getting into removing cats.. I was hoping to just add a new fuel pump (recommendations? Walbro still the best or something better these days..?) and then remap. What kind of bhp and torque would this gain? I'd be interested to see any before/after graphs from anyone who has gone down this route. I've read about adding a sports cat as a middle ground, but would this be border line come MOT time? I'm really just open to suggestions from the experts and other members who have gone different routes. Graphs would be great to see, as well as full lists of mods and ideally links to recommended parts. Cheers!